on Did you know most of your old content is saved and can be restored?

When you delete a post, page, comment, it will be moved to the Trash folder. You have separate trash folders for posts, pages and comments. This feature makes it extremely difficult to accidentally delete a post, page. Items within your trash folders can be restored or permanently deleted within 30 days of their original trashing.

Moving a Post or Page to Trash
When editing a specific post or page, you will see the Move to Trash link in the Publish module:

Restoring from Trash
Enter the Trash status/folder of either your posts, pages, or uploads, and place your cursor over any item you wish to restore. You will see two linked options: Restore and Delete Permanently. Click on the Restore link.

on Better server performance

We have also recently increased our server performance. What does this mean for you?
Better performance and faster page loads.

on VIDEO – Simply backup your website and databases

on VIDEO – Simply backup your website and databases

It’s extremely important that you backup your website every month or so depending on how often you change the information on it. The last thing you want is to lose your website or databases. Save yourself huge headaches. BACKUP!!!

Here is a simple to follow way to do it through your cPanel

on cPanel Tutorials

Simply login to your cPanel account and look under the PREFERENCES section. You will see a link to Video Tutorials. There are many helpful tutorials there to learn more about using cPanel.

on How do I choose a web host?

How long has the company been in operation? Make sure you choose an experienced company. Ask them how long they have been in operation if it’s not shown on their website.

Is the price within your budget?

Space & Bandwidth.
Be very wary of companies that offer unlimited space and bandwidth. The fact is there is no such thing. It is a marketing ploy to get your business but in fact it can attract the wrong kind of customer who may be abusing the server that YOU are sharing. Anything above 150mb data and 25gb bandwidth should be more than ample for almost all websites.

Do they have uptime stats so you can confirm that they have no downtime with their server?

Control Panel.
Do they have an easy to use control panel such as cPanel to manage your website?

Email some questions and see how long it takes to get a reply. This will give you an idea how quick their support may be in future.

Other services.
Do they have other services under the one roof to make everything simpler for you, such as domain registration, website build, remote support or a maintenance plan if required?

Do they have any current clients you can call for a testimonial?

If they get ticks for all of the above and you are still not sure ask for a 30 day trial. Most hosts if confident in their service will allow you to test the server for 30 days.

Z Web Design gets ticks in ALL these areas.