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    Yes, there are plenty of ways you can promote your website and increase traffic. Here are just a few…
    Promote your website address in your email signature
    Make sure your website address is on your business cards and stationary
    Display your business name and website address on your vehicle if possible
    When someone asks for more info on the telephone remind them about your website address
    List your website on as many free business listings on the web as possible
    Start up an email marketing campaign to your customers to keep them up to date and offer them incentives to stay with you or purchase your product/s
    Get bumper stickers, t shirts or other promotional material made up
    Start a competition directing people to your website
    Speak to the media about your product. Try to promote a new perspective about your product/business that will entice a journalist to want to do a story on you
    Give your business cards out at meetings and gatherings
    Have an open mind wherever you go, looking for opportunities to promote your website and business
    Promote some limited time offers on your website
    Try to give your existing customers something extra so they don’t just feel like another number in your line of customers
    Listen to feedback from your customers and act wherever needed
    Be passionate about your business when you speak to people about it
    People will pick up that you are genuinely out there to help them and they will talk to others about you
    There are many more ideas.
    Think outside the square!

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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