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    What are the main benefits of a CMS website?
    The main 2 benefits are:
    Very cheap and easy to add features later on.
    You can maintain it yourself if you want.

    What features are included in my new CMS website?
    Ability to:
    Your own Admin Panel
    Add a slideshow
    Add/delete pages
    Edit your pages easily
    Add pictures easily
    Add text easily
    Comprehensive inbuilt statistics
    Newsletter signup
    Newsletter mailout
    Add social links
    Contact Us form
    Auto hyperlinks when you add a link address
    And of course an endless amount of addons for a small additional fee.

    Will I get confused when I log into the admin area of my CMS website?
    Everyone is different but most customers adapt very quickly to the admin panel. In fact once you have logged in you just visit your website as you normally would and adjust content from the front of the website. It is quite simple and quick.

    Will there be any hidden or extra costs?
    Later on you may want to add some extra features such as a shopping cart, forum or members area. These do incur additional costs but are not very expensive to setup and install.

    Can I update the website myself?
    Yes most certainly. Although some customers prefer us to do it for them.
    Our Maintenance Plan is very reasonably priced.

    Do you update the software regularly?
    We suggest you update the software when updates are available. You can do this yourself but please note that this may effect any mods or addons you may have installed. It may be better to have us upgrade for you. We charge a small fee to upgrade for you.

    How long does it take to build?
    If you are organised with your copy and artwork/pics etc we can have a website built within a week.

    What if my database crashes?
    We suggest you backup your database at least once a month or more often. Although it is extremely rare to have issues we still recommend you backup.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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